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ALTA Advanced Edge Gateway w/ MQTTS

ALTA Advanced Edge Gateway w/ MQTTS

Wireless Gateway Advanced Edge Gateway deploys as an MQTTS client, allowing data to be sent to MQTT brokers hosted on several platforms.

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Artikelnummer MNG2-8-EDG-CCE Kategori

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ALTA Advanced Edge Gateway is a new, feature-rich gateway from Monnit. With ever-increasing data generated by billions of ”things” that are now part of the Internet of Things, decentralizing the processing of that data to close proximity of the ”things” allows for spontaneous analytics, instant action based on monitored metrics and the support of enhanced situation-based applications. Able to support custom edge-based IoT applications the new ALTA Advanced Edge Gateway is ideal for IoT OEMs and ISVs. Additionally, the Advanced Edge Gateway deploys as an MQTTS client, allowing data to be sent to MQTT brokers hosted on platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, or to a user’s own broker. The gateway includes a local web interface for configuration. As with all ALTA gateways, this new gateway supports Monnit’s line of 80+ ALTA long-range wireless sensors.

Teknisk data

ALTA Advanced Edge Gateway Specifications
Ethernet MNG2-8-EDG-CCE
CPU Cortex-A53
Disk 16 GB
Operating System Ubuntu Linux
Input Power 5.0 VDC @ 2.5 A
Max Input Voltage 5.5 VDC
LEDs Connectivity, Power, Cloud Services, Network Status
Enclosure ABS
Dimensions 5.004 x 3.8 x 1.51 in.
Weight 199 g
Operating Temperature 0 to +50°C (32 to 122°F)
ALTA Wireless
Transmit Power (EIRP) 50 mW (900 MHz), 25 mW (868 MHz), 10 mW (433 MHz)
Antenna Type Connector: RPSMA Gain: 3.0 dBi
Wireless Range 1,200+ ft. non-line-of-sight *
Security Encrypt-RF® (256-bit key   exchange and AES-128 CBC)
Certifications (Certifications Pending) RF: 900 MHz product includes model FCC ID:   ZTL-G2SC1 / IC: 9794A-G2SC1 868 MHz product includes Module G2SC1 (IEC 300   220-1, -2); 433 MHz product includes Module G2SC2 (IEC 300 220-1,-2)

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