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Weinzierl KNX RF/ENO Push Button Insert 440 secure


Weinzierl KNX RF/ENO Push Button Insert 440 secure

Wireless pushbutton with 55mm installation set and double rocker, Series Match-55

1.031,43 kr exkl. moms

Artikelnummer T166-5326 Kategori

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The KNX RF/ENO Push Button Insert 440 secure unites two wireless protocols in one device: EnOcean and KNX RF. Out of the box the push button operates in EnOcean mode. EnOcean Secure can be enabled via pressing a key combination. By configuration with the ETS® the push button switches to KNX RF mode with optional support of KNX Data Security. Via a factory reset the device can be switched back to EnOcean protocol.
MATCH 55 KNX RF ENO Push Button Insert 440 secure

EnOcean is a well-tried standard mainly known for self-powered devices. Battery-less push buttons are an interesting solution but also having some drawbacks like required force and noise. To overcome this our KNX RF/ENO Push Button Insert 440 secure uses a battery to achieve a soft and quiet user experience. The gentle and quiet push-button action enables installation in bedrooms and living rooms. The Push Button Insert is operated by a battery of type CR2032. The typical life time of the battery is five years. Our Push Button Insert running in EnOcean mode can be used of course in any EnOcean installation but can also be integrated into a KNX network using our KNX ENO Gateways 626 or 636 secure.

KNX RF combines the flexibility of wireless devices with the proven quality of the KNX Standard. Pressing a button can be much more than switching a light. Commissioning with the ETS allows nearly unlimited functionality like calling a scene, setting a RGB color or driving a shutter in the way you like it. KNX RF devices can seamlessly be integrated in KNX TP networks with our new KNX RF/TP MediaCoupler 673 secure.

Like all KNX devices also our KNX RF Push Button Insert 440 secure can be programmed via the KNX network. ETS can be connected via a dedicated KNX USB Interface for RF or via a TP interface and a KNX RF/TP media coupler. The integrated USB interface in the KNX Push Button Insert 440 RF secure can be used to program the device directly by ETS but it also allows to program other KNX RF devices over the air.

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