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Fibaro Radiator Thermostat Head FGT-001

FIBARO Radiator Thermostat (Z-Wave) is a remotely controlled thermostatic head to control temperature in your room.

599,20 kr exkl. moms

Artikelnummer T103-174601 Kategori

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FIBARO Radiator Thermostat (Z-Wave) is a remotely controlled thermostatic head to control temperature in your room. It measures the temperature and automatically adjusts the heat level. It can be mounted without tools on three types of thermostatic radiator valves. You can create schedules via app to easily manage temperature throughout the week.

Teknisk data

Power supply:  3.7V Li-Poly battery pack (non-re-placeable) 
Charging port:  micro-USB 
Charger voltage (not included):  5V DC (±5%) 
Minimum charger current (not
Operating temperature:  0–40°C 
Storage temperature (standby mode)  -10–25°C
Maximum water temperature: 90°C 
Temperature measuring
0.5°C (within 0–40°C range)
Regulator class:  Type 1 class 
Device Firmware Class:  A-grade
Motor protection:  Impedance Protected 
Actuator action:  Linear variable position actuator 
Actuator stroke:  5mm 
Purpose of control: Operating control 
Construction of control: Integrated control 
Degree of
protection by enclosure: 
Classification of control according to protection
against electric shock: 
Class III 
Action type:  type 1 
Control pollution degree: Rated impulse
pollution degree 2 
Dimensions   330V (when connected to the USB power supply) 
(Diameter x Length):  56 x 74 mm (without the adapter) 56 x 87 mm (with the
EU  Directive
RoHS 2011/65/EU, RED 2014/53/EU
For communication with the controller:
Radio protocol: Z-Wave (500 series chip)
Radio frequency band: 868 MHz ISM band (for EU)
Maximum transmit power: EIRP up to -4dBm
For communication with the extra sensor (FGBRS-001):
Radio frequency band: 2.4 GHz ISM band
Maximum transmit power: EIRP up to 6dBm

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