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UniPi Neuron M403

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UniPi Neuron M403 is a universal control unit. It is a professional PLC unit (Programmable Logic Controller) with enough features for automation of more extensive projects fit for smart home automation, building management systems, energy monitoring, light industry automation or other commercial projects. The amount of relay outputs makes it suitable for control of systems with may components such as ventilation fans, shutters, boilers or watering systems. It is a lightweight version of model L403.

Compared to Neuron S offers more features and is suitable for automation of bigger flats and smaller houses. Compared to Neuron L it has less I/Os and is more compact. It has integrated DIN rail mounting for installation in racks and distribution boxes where it takes 8 modules (1 module = 17.5 mm). Neuron units have degree of protection IP20.

Package contents:

  • UniPi Neuron M403 controller
  • removable screw connectors
  • DIN rail holder(35 mm)
  • power supply (optional)
  • microSD memory card (optional)
  • Mervis lifetime license

    24V DC power supply required
    microSD memory card required


  • Teknisk data:
    Weigth 800 g
    CPU 4 × 1 GHz
    RAM 1 GB
    Power 24 V DC
    USB 2.0 4
    Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
    Dimensions 140 mm × 90 mm × 60 mm
    Digital inputs 4
    Transistor outputs 4
    Analog inputs 1
    Analog outputs 1
    1-Wire bus Yes (with galvanic isolation)
    RS485 interface Yes
    RTC backup maximum 7 days
    Mounting DIN (35 mm)
    Relay outputs 28


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