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BES KNX 10.4" PPKL10

18 700,00 :-
Lagerstatus: Ej i lager
18 700,00 :-
Lagerstatus: Ej i lager


Interface with all the features of the PPKL range, featuring its biggest screen size.

The PPKL series are capacitive touch screens to control and monitor all installation devices by icons on color 3D drawings or photographs (maximum 16 images).

Their interface allows the users editing their own scenes as well as programming intuitively annual timings. They include Wi-Fi, configurable within the own local network, and it incorporates the benefits of our device ETHBUS-K, allowing the installation to connect wirelessly either through PC or through mobile devices locally or remotely.

As new feature, they send Push notifications to Ingenium iOS and Android Apps or by email. Also, the included Wi-Fi allows the device updating via internet to the latest version of available software. They also include the possibility of IP cameras visualization, to arm/disarm alarm, the presence simulation, interface to check the weather forecast, a graphical whiteboard notes, etc.

• Resolution: 640x480 pixels
• Color: 18-bit
• Supply: 18-30V DC from auxiliary power supply
• Consumption:
[email protected] DC from aux. output
• 1mA from KNX BUS
• Size: 307x224x4mm (24mm depth)
• Mounted on universal box, screwed on wall
• Available in black or white finish



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