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KNX – DALI gateway with unique physical address

Gateway between DALI protocol lights and KNX devices. All luminaires connected to DALI BUS and all DALI groups are controlled by using the same physical address from KNX BUS. Off-line and on-line modes are permitted for DALI addressing and commissioning functions.

It allows to control up to 64 DALI lights and up to DALI 16 groups. It includes an integrated DALI power supply to provide energy up to 6 DALI devices. Possibility to control DALI standard ballasts or DALI emergencies (with extended parameters).

It permits the lights control through other KNX devices such as touch panels, pushbuttons, etc. Configurable values for each DALI device: Ramp control, lower limit and upper limit. Program up to 8 scenes for each DALI device.


  • Teknisk data:
    • Supply: 230V AC
    • Max. Power Consumption: 3.2VA @ 230V AC
    • KNX supply: 29V DC from BUS KNX
    • Consumption: 5mA
    • DIN rail mounted (4 modules)


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